Innovation and personal development in technology

Our world is on the move. We are all witness to fundamental change. These transitions are reshaping the way we see the world. Dosign believe in technical evolution. We see high tech as a way to safeguard the process of transition in a responsible manner.

Experience and cooperation

Dosign have been involved in technical training for many years now. A diverse range of dual study and trainee programmes have been successfully set up, in close cooperation with the Dutch universities of applied sciences.  In 2011, Dosign pooled their manifold activities in technical education in their own Dosign Academy.

Traineeship Piping Design

In 2012, Dosign Academy launched the first dual traineeship trajectory in Germany – with significant success. The training class, dubbed DIE ROHRKLASSE in German, is breaking new ground on its way out of the scarcity in the Piping sector.

Dosign Langenfeld


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