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Senior Civil / Structural Engineer (m/w/d)

Civil Engineering Deutschland Post-doctoral University (Master/Bachelor)
Für die Abwicklung von Projekten im chemischen Anlagenbau, benötigen wir Ihre Unterstützung. Es handelt sich...
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Civil Engineering Deutschland Promoviert Universität (Master/Bachelor)
Langfristige Projekte im Anlagenbau der chemischen und petrochemischen Industrie sind die Kernkompetenzen unseres Auftraggebers....
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Bauingenieur (m/w/d)

Civil Engineering Deutschland Promoviert Universität (Master/Bachelor)
Unser Auftraggeber ist ein weltweit agierendes Unternehmen aus den Bereichen Metallverarbeitung und -recycling.
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Jobs and projects in civil engineering

Engineering and design in civil construction projects emcompasses all substantive technical work. Civil engineering thus requires your expertise in designing (drawing and calculating), realising and / or maintaining tunnels, viaducts, aqueducts, noise shields, landing stages, piers, quay walls, and such.

Bridging disciplines as a civil engineer? Dosign offer a wide array of attractive international vacancies at renowned companies in civil engineering and related disciplines, such as structural engineering and building engineering. Typical postions include estimator, work planner, site manager, designer, modeller, draughtsperson and project lead. Our job offers also apply to freelance professionals. Get in contact for more.

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