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Whether in the sustainable development of new technologies or the upgrading of traditional industrial products: The German chemical industry plays a leading role worldwide.

Chemical industries in Germany

Germany is Europe's largest chemical nation. In a global comparison, the German chemical and pharmaceutical industry ranks fourth, behind China, the USA and Japan. In Germany, the chemical-pharmaceutical industry is the third largest industrial sector. It mainly manufactures products that other industries process. It thus forms the basis of many value-added chains and is an important motor for innovations in numerous other sectors.

Chemical and Pharma on the Rhine and Ruhr

The corporate landscape of the chemical industry on the Rhine and Ruhr is as diverse as the chemical industry itself. From producers of basic chemicals to nanotechnology and pharmaceutical production, the companies cover the entire value chain. This makes the region one of the leading chemical locations in Germany and Europe.


In the chemical industry, engineers work on the implementation of materials and chemicals on a technical scale. As the core of the modern global economy, it converts raw materials (oil, natural gas, air, water, metals and minerals) into more than 70,000 different products. The basic chemical industry uses basic raw materials and produces intermediates for further processing. Almost 70 percent of these are processed within the industry. Around 26 percent of chemical products go directly to the end consumer.


The largest customers of the chemical industry in Germany are plastics processors, the utomotive industry, the packaging industry and the construction industry.
The chemical industry on its own part is also an important consumer of industrial goods and services. Just under half of its intermediate products come from the German manufacturing industry. Besides petroleum products, these include electricity, gas and machinery. Added to this are services such as waste disposal, transport and management consultancy.

Engineering and construction management

Chemical plant projects are usually carried out by plant operators or engineering firms. As to engineering and construction management, Dosign Germany support and source both modernisation and brownfield projects as well as plant expansion.

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