Engineering and construction projects in Oil, Gas and Petro-Chemicals

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Dosign Germany, residing in the Rhineland region, specialise in the key sectors Oil & Gas, Petro-Chemicals and Refinery. In close contact with our clients in the industrial field, we search, recruit and assign both contractors and staff, who are highly qualified and profoundly experienced in R&D, engineering, project controls and construction management.

Industrial sectors

Industrial Chemistry

The Chemical industries in Germany
Whether sustainable development of emerging technologies or upgrade of traditional industry products, industrial Chemistry forms a key sector worldwide. Learn more.


The Petrochemical industries in Germany
As an important part of the chemical industries, the petrochemical industry uses refined raw materials to produce basic products for further processing. Learn more.

Industrial Refinery

Refinery industries in Germany
Dosign Germany are particularly involved in engineering and construction projects at oil&gas refineries. Learn more.