Freelance projects for Engineers

Projects in the Oil, Gas and Petro-Chemical industries

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You are a freelance engineer excelling in your domain? You act responsibly and self-reliant and you expect to be adequately well paid?

Freelancing in the Chemical, Petrochemical and Refining industries

With Dosign Freelance Germany you find interesting projects at top-shelf technical companies within the chemical, petrochemical and refining industries. These include production companies, engineering firms and construction partners. In a senior or medior position, Dosign offer you high-profile jobs in engineering and construction management, covering all project stages from Feed and Basic to Construction and Commissioning. Moreover, Dosign take care of your additional tasks on your behalf, such as administration, contract negotiations, project evaluations, project acquisition, invoicing and payments.

Dosign Freelance at a glance

As a starting or experienced engineer, we offer you ultimate opportunities to bring to bear your expertise. And we take care of your additional tasks, such as administration, tax, insurance and acquisition.

What can you expect from Dosign?

  • Dosign know the projects market (Greenfield, Brownfield, Revamp or Turnaround) and where freelancers are in demand;
  • We select interesting projects that fit within your objectives;
  • We conduct interviews with clients and, if required, negotiate rates based on the freelancer's terms and conditions;
  • We provide comprehensive support for starting freelancers (including advice on self-employment);
  • We take care of all additional tasks: accounting, acquisition, legal and fiscal issues, IT and insurance.

Your benefits:

  • You can further develop your potential, benefiting from job-related and specialist support;
  • You can count on fast and correct administrative processing;
  • Your invoices are settled within two weeks;
  • Your personal consultant is your stable contact;
  • We connect you to new (international) clients.

Dosign only works with current, legally checked contracts (service and work), which clearly state that you operate as a self-employed professional.

Any questions? Contact us anytime.