Yogesh Bhintade

Yogesh Bhintade had already spent 11 years in Germany, first as a student, later in work. Even after his return to India, Germany kept attracting him. With the support of Dosign he now continues his career at a German engineering firm.

It´s not easy to find work in Germany as a foreign candidate Yogesh Bhintade

"Between 2006 and 2008, I completed my Master's degree in chemical engineering in Steinfurt, Germany, specializing in process engineering," Yogesh explains. "I then went to work at an engineering firm active in (petro)chemistry. I was involved in various projects in refineries and chemical plants in different countries, and was able to gain a lot of experience."

Career in Germany
From 2014 to 2017 Yogesh worked for a global oil & gas company. During this time he came into contact with Dosign for the first time. He was offered a position, but declined. This changed a few years later. Yogesh: "Due to circumstances I went back to India in 2017. But after all these years in Germany it was difficult to get used to the new environment. What I missed most was the balance between work and private life. Finally, I decided to return to Germany with my wife and two children and continue my career here."

Dosign made it possible
That was easier said than done. Yogesh: "It´s not easy to find work in Germany as a foreign candidate, even if you have an excellent CV. Many companies still shy away from hiring employees from abroad. And then there is the complicated and lengthy visa process. I decided to call on the help of Dosign. They were enthusiastic about my CV and made a great effort to get me into the country. Without their support this would probably not have been possible."

Work, visa and housing
Dosign also showed great commitment in search for a suitable workplace. "After the introductory conversation with Dosign, both a job interview and a job offer soon followed", Yogesh recounts. "Unfortunately, the visa procedure took so long that the job was finally cancelled. Shortly after, the next job offer came in, at an engineering firm specializing in (petro)chemical process engineering. Again, a long visa process followed. Max, my consultant at Dosign Germany, did everything he could to push my immigration. He also helped me to find an apartment. And even picked me up at the airport!"

Process Engineering
Yogesh has been working at the engineering firm for several months now: "As a senior process engineer I´m involved in new construction and conversion projects in refineries and chemical plants. I carry out calculations and simulations and advise the customer on possible solutions. This is a responsible task. Process engineering deals with the organisation of processes in the (petro-) chemical environment and forms the basis for almost every project. Furthermore, many departments within such a plant depend on our input. This is what makes process engineering interesting for me."

Always and everywhere available
Yogesh is happy with his work and the support that Dosign still offer him. "Max calls me every two months to ask how I am and if I have any wishes. Besides, I can reach him anytime, anywhere, even if he's on vacation."

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