Said Kaddouri

Said Kaddouri often carried out projects abroad for his own electrical engineering & automation company. Through Dosign, he now works much closer to home. In addition, Dosign relieve him of many commercial and administrative tasks.

What I like about electrical engineering & automation is its clarity Said Kaddouri

As an electrical engineer Said frequently worked in France and Belgium. "The experience and technical language skills I gained there helped me evolve as a versatile and `multi-purposeĀ“ engineer," says Said. "At one point, however, I wanted to work closer to home in Germany. Dosign helped me do this by finding a project with one of the clients in their network."

Project lead electrical
Through Dosign, Said now works as an electrical engineering project lead at a large refinery. "On one of the projects within the company, I am responsible for the entire electrical engineering part,"he explains. "In addition to the coordination and implementation of the technical aspects, I also monitor the planning and budget of this project. A great job, in which I can fully express my professional passion."

Ones and zeros
Said continues: "What I like about electrical engineering & automation is its clarity. We work with ones and zeros. Hence, something is either true or it's not, end of discussion. This certainly applies to instrumentation and control, a broad field within electrical engineering, in which I have worked a lot in the past. I&C comprises the measurement of process parameters and the application of the measurement results to provide both insight into and control of processes. This forms the basis for almost every engineering issue in the process industry."

Clear agreements
This clarity he likes so much about his field, Said also encounters at Dosign: "Our cooperation is based on clear agreements. Our common goal is a satisfied customer", he explains. "We each have our part to play in this. Dosign offer me challenging assignments at leading technical companies. On my part, I`m happy to professionally carry out my tasks. And if I have any questions or problems, I can always contact Dosign."

Open and transparent
The cooperation with Dosign is important to Said. "Dosign take care of the acquisition and the contact with the customer for me. I don't have to look for new clients myself, so I can entirely focus on my work. In addition, communication with Dosign is open and transparent. That works very well. As far as I'm concerned, my next project will again be through Dosign!"

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