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Civil engineering in a general sense extends to the planning and erection of structures that lie at or below the earth's surface. This includes foundation engineering, hydro engineering, traffic and road construction as well as tunnels and bridges.

Civil engineering in Oil, Gas and Petro-Chemicals

Civil engineering or CSA (Civil Structural Architecture) plays a central role in projects in the chemical and petrochemical plant construction and the oil and gas industry. It covers several disciplines, including structural design, statics, as well as foundation design in solid and steel construction.

Civil engineering requires a certain amount of on site presence to check the plausibility of the design. In addition, the preparation of measurements and cooperation with the pipeline planning department is necessary. This involves compliance with standards, the client's specifications and the fulfilment of building law requirements. In order to obtain the building permit the installation plans, including statics checked by the structural engineer, are submitted to the building authority. The Civil division works with the tools R-Stab, Frilo, Microstation, Tekla or FEM.

Your career in civil engineering

Bridging disciplines as a civil engineer? Dosign offer a wide array of attractive international vacancies at renowned companies in civil engineering and related disciplines, such as project controls, mechanical equipment or structural and building engineering. Typical postions include estimator, work planner, site manager, designer, modeller, draughtsperson and project lead. Our job offers also apply to freelance professionals. Get in contact for more.

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