Project-based assignment of engineers

Maximum flexibility for your organisation

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For a certain period of time or on a project basis, you task a highly qualified engineer who is and remains an employee of Dosign.

When do you choose this solution?

Project-based assignment of engineering professionals offers a solution if you want to temporarily have extra knowledge and/or capacity at your disposal. Changing budgets and varying (qualitative and quantitative) personnel requirements are the starting point. This has to be adequately addressed. You do not have the intention to hire the staff member.

What can you expect from Dosign?

  • If desired, we can provide specific training;
  • We give you a realistic picture of the staff member with objective evaluations;
  • The quality of the delivered work is guaranteed.

Your benefits:

  • You determine the duration of the assignment and the flexibility of the contract;
  • This can also be done over a longer period;
  • The quality of the delivered work is guaranteed.

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