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Assignment and freelance projects in R&D, engineering, project and construction management

You aim to attract temporary or permanent technical staff? A specialist with broad experience or young talent with a fresh view on technology? Finding able engineers is complex as it is time consuming. And even more so, holding on to them for the benefit of your organisation. To either end, Dosign is your connecting element, with more than thirty years of experience in project sourcing.

Technical project staffing made to measure

Our clients implement complex engineering projects mainly in the Oil, Gas and Petro-Chemical industries. On their behalf, Dosign Germany source, recruit and assign the best technical professionals available.

In the fields of R&D, engineering, project controls and construction management, we know the actors and we know the setting. And we carry out projects at all stages – from initial concept to turn-key commissioning.

Which services you task Dosign with depends on your wishes and objectives:

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Our project-based assignment of engineers offers a solution if you temporarily need extra knowledge and/or capacity for specialist projects or a peak in the work load.

Flexible Engineer

You have a highly trained engineer for a certain period of time or on a project basis.  The engineer is not an employee of your company.

When do you choose this solution?

Project-based assignment of engineers offers a solution if you temporarily wish to have extra knowledge and/or capacity at your disposal. Variable budgets and varying (qualitative and quantitative) staffing requirements are the starting point, to be met adequately. You have no intention of hiring the employee.

Examples of solutions we offer include the assignment of freelance engineers, project staff, students and specialised engineering consultants.

What you can you expect of Dosign

  • Monitoring contracts and quality of the employee;
  • Additional training by Dosign Academy;
  • We give you a realistic picture of the employee with objective evaluations.

Your benefits

  • You determine the length of the commitment and the flexibility of the contract;
  • Immediately a specialist in house;
  • No worries about salary payments, employment or freelance contracts.
  • Standard 30-day payment terms;
  • The quality of the commitment is guaranteed (a.o. by our unique `no cure no pay´ arrangement).

Dosign search and recruit the best engineer for your vacancy and assign them for an agreed period of time. After that, you can take over the employee without any further costs.

Permanent Engineer

When do you choose this solution?

You wish to attract a permanent employee with maximum certainty possible? We assign our Dosign employees for a 1700 working hours period, after which you are free to contract them without any further charges due.

What you can expect of Dosign

  • we give you a clear impression of the employee;
  • we provide a working terms benchmark and advice, if you wish;
  • we guarantee the quality along the entire trajectory.

Your benefits

  • The assignment period can be arranged with maximum flexibility, creating a solid trial period;
  • The takeover (entry into service with you) is always free of charge after completion of the hiring period;
  • The quality of the entire process is guaranteed by thirty days 'no cure no pay';
  • You are not obliged to take over the candidate.
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Our guarantee

  • 30 + years of experience in recruitment and assignment
  • Extensive range of technical disciplines
  • Highly qualified engineers
  • (Free) training of the Dosign project employee
  • Evaluation interviews are arranged
  • Distinctive 'no cure no pay' arrangement
  • Assessments and reference checks
  • All-in rates
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Dosign Facts & Figures

  • Established in 1985
  • Dosign Germany focus on Chemical industries, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas
  • Private-owned company
  • Offices in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium
  • 400 to 500 staff
  • Highly qualified engineers in R&D, engineering, project and construction management
  • Active in nearly all technical disciplines
  • Strong HSE awareness
  • License for the provision of temporary workers according to AÜG
  • General Liability & Workers Compensation Insurance