Campaign Dosign 2017: This is the Dosigner

Starting September 1, it`s on the air and out there on display: the new Dosign marketing campaign 2017. "This is the Dosigner" zooms in on the important role of the engineer, setting the Dosigner centre stage.

Tribute to the Dosigner

The campaign is featured on various online and offline media and in a TV commercial, in which Dosign pay tribute to the accomplishments of Dosigners. And rightly so: As apt engineers and driven innovators, our Dosigners are well prepared for today's issues and tomorrow's challenges. They contribute to our world, with its ever-evolving energy demand. A world in which innovative products and technologies can make life a lot more enjoyable. A world in which daring construction projects remodel our ideas of housing, work and mobility.

Tv commercial

The campaign is largely designed around the same-named TV spot, which will premiere on Discovery Channel on September 1. The clip takes you right into the world of the engineer and shows the Dosigner on top of his game. And it recognises their significance for all of us, stating.: ‘Envisioning a world that we can only dream of, he connects today with the promise of tomorrow.’ Watch the English version here:

Online and offline exposure

In addition to the TV spot, Dosign put in a variety of other media to support the campaign.  ‘This is the Dosigner’ is presented on billboards, in ads and online banners. In the advertising line, we will go one step further by addressing some of the concrete issues the Dosigner faces.

Advert impression

Billboard impression

Dosign Langenfeld


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