When filling an engineering vacancy, your requirements and wishes may vary, depending on the situation at hand. Therefore, we offer different types of contracts. Which type of contract you consider appropriate will foremost be determined by your set of goals. Dosign support you in your consideration. An overview of contractual options:

  • Project assignment: You hire staff for one or more projects. The contract ends with the projects being finalised.
  • Recruitment and (temporary) assignment: You wish to permanently strengthen your work force. We recruit and select a candidate to suit the profile. We then assign the candidate to your company for a period of time, allowing both you and the candidate to decide on a permanent employment.
  • Consultancy on assignment basis: During the assignment the focus is on the contribution of knowledge. This may be the case in projects in which you have to act outside of your operational scope. Or if you wish one or more of your staff members to be individually trained or coached. The terms in these contracts are fullly negotiable as to duration and weekly hours.
  • Freelance contracts: Dosign lists and represents competent freelance engineers. Our freelancers undergo a thorough screening beforehand. We know their flexibility and scope of competence. Moreover, we keep them posted on latest trends in their trade. In using their services, our clients are guaranteed exemption from any administrative risk, home and abroad. If desired, we also take on the hiring of freelancers at a payroll fee.

Prompt and smart assignment of engineers

The contract options listed above are just a selection. The scope of possibilities in assigning engineers and other technical professionals extends far beyond. Our aim is to steadily strengthen competencies in our staff and build expertise from bottom up. You are seeking prompt, smart and efficient commitment of engineers? Get in contact with Dosign.

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