Which training can I follow with Dosign?

Working with Dosign opens up access to a diverse range of engineering training modules upon consultation. At Dosign Academy, our affiliate training institute in Rotterdam, you can undergo a diverse range of part-time (vocational and further) training and specialist courses. The programmes are geared towards the requirements of engineers wishing to enhance their professional and/or personal scope.

Training for engineers

You aspire to keep improving your communicative, social, organisational or managerial skills? Apart from specialist courses in your field of expertise, Dosign Academy also provides training modules for soft skills and management, addressing the specific situation engineers are facing in an innovative work setting. Most of the courses and (vocational) trainings are scheduled in the evening hours and are hence manageable alongside a day job. All training courses are also open to external participants.


Dosign offer traineeships to young, ambitious engineers. Combining work and schooling opens up an international career path for technical graduates in engineering. Our aim is to provide the fertile soil, on which our future engineers are enabled to thrive and become fully operational professionals in their field. In Germany, traineeships are currently offered in the sector Piping.

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