“German companies have confidence in me as a Dosigner"

Pursueing a career in Germany. Project engineer Hein Hendriksen fulfils his ambition with Dosign. “As a Dosigner, I offer something a 'normal' Dutch engineer hardly can draw on: the trust of - and therefore access to - German companies.

Hein's technical career started off in Doetinchem-NL. After graduating in mechanical engineering he went on to work at a machine manufaturer. First as assistant, later as project lead. Hein: “In the nineties, AutoCAD was on the rise. And it really intrigued me. I started to focus on designing and engineering. That's how I soon ended up in the drawing room.”

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“Dosign stand by my side, also elsewhere in Europe”

Faiyaz Khan is among the most experienced engineers working on a project basis for Dosign. The London-based chemical engineer has been working in the process industry for more than 36 years, involved in projects in various countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Faiyaz came into contact with Dosign when offered a job through an agency at CB&I, on the Shell site in Wesseling (near Cologne). “As neither the recruitment agency nor CB&I had branches or affiliates in Germany, they couldn’t employ me directly", so Faiyaz.  “CB&I had then contacted Dosign to offer me a contract for a position at the CB&I Shell site. That was fine with me. The contract conditions were suited to requirements and the Dosign team seemed to be friendly and very forthcoming.”

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Dosign launch new TV commercial

'This is the Dosigner': Setting the engineer centre stage is what our new TV spot is all about. The clip airs on Discovery Channel from September 1 on. 

The commercial highlights the important role of Dosigners in solving the technical issues of today and tomorrow. It visualises topics ranging from generating renewable energy to developing innovative production. All in keeping with the motto: ‘connecting today with the promise of tomorrow’.

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Dosign sponsor 'How It's Made' on Discovery Channel

From June 1, 2017 on, we sponsor the TV series So wird`s gemacht (How it's made) on Discovery Channel. The programme is all about the processes and technology behind complex products and everyday objects. It goes without saying, as the 'connecting element in engineering', we like to connect our name with this entertaining and informative media format.

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"The freedom Dosign provide me with is a definite asset"

Bert van Steenbruggen had already gained over 25 years of experience as (piping) designer and site engineer, when in 2014 he entered permanent employment with Dosign. Since then he has worked with great pleasure on various projects in his favourite sector: petrochemicals.

Bert started his technical career in 1976 after graduating from LTS. "I went to work as a machinist," he says. "I came into contact with piping and was immediately fascinated: the work, the field, the welding. I then talked to my boss and soon started working in the piping workshop. Not long after I went into field work to build plants."

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“Dosign Freelance enables me to focus on my core tasks”

In 2014, BIM-designer Ben Hoekstra changed course. Formerly employed at a large installation firm for 15 years, he quit his job and started to work through Dosign Freelance. Supported by Dosign, Ben now is gven the leeway to focus on his core tasks.

“Joining Dosign felt like a natural choice”, Ben explains. “I had worked with Dosign before, and I quite enjoyed it then.” Initially, Ben worked on assignment basis. When his private situation changed, he decided to go freelance. “I’d talked to Mark ’t Hooft of Dosign Freelance. He responded positively and outlined the support Dosign offer to freelancers in engineering. I felt encouraged to take the step and so I did.”

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Connecting the world - International Recruitment

With international recruitment, Dosign are effectively responding to the demand for technical staff at clients in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

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The new Dosign

For more than 30 years now, Dosign have been the connecting element for ambitious engineering professionals and renowned companies in the technical realms. Connecting with our engineering pros and client firms is all the more important to us. And it has been at the core of the recent major revamp of our online presence.

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Anne wins Women in Technology 2016

Anne Luchtenberg (24), student biomedical engineering at Twente University, is the winner of Women in Technology 2016, the Dosign role model contest.

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Freelancers are in demand!

Ever more engineering professionals choose for working freelance. Dosign Freelance brings together technical companies and freelance engineers in international projects.

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Piping Class Germany celebrating first graduates

DIE ROHRKLASSE is breaking new ground on its way out of the scarcity in the Piping sector. Dosign took pride in inviting participants and partners of the dual traineeship to celebrate`the first vintage´.

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