Contract options for engineers

You are looking for a challenging job offer at Dosign? Consider the type of contract that might suit you best. Our varied contract options offer both the leeway and the assurance you are striving for:

  • Permanent contract: assignment to varying projects on a permanent Dosign contract. Permanent contract at our client company targeted.
  • Project contract: contract for the duration of a defined project, based on a permanent Dosign contract or freelance
  • Traineeship: permanent Dosign contract with additional provisions
  • Recruitment: aimed at permanent employment at our client company

Which type of contract suits you?

Each type of contract has its pros and cons. While one engineer enjoys job hopping from one client company to the next, another prefers forging ahead through diverse departments within one organisation. Freelance engineers combine their skills and ambition as self-employed entrepreneurs. Depending on your demand for stability, the opportunities you are willing to seize and the flexibility you are prepared to allow, Dosign offer you the fitting contract.

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