Seeking jobs in engineering? Get to know Dosign!

Connecting ambitious professionals and leading technical companies on a worldwide scale, this is what Dosign has been about for more than 30 years now. We are committed to our field, providing temporary and permanent employment in complex projects. The options are broad. We offer solutions for engineers, customised and labeled to their demand. And we base our business relations on diverse forms of cooperation. Our clients turn to us for quality, for our market know-how and our face-to-face approach.

Project work

Our engineers, or Dosigners as we call them, are technical experts in one or more technical discipline/s. Typically, Dosigners are assigned to specific projects. They are fond of change and able to deal with it. When a project (term depending on the type of contract) is coming to an end, a Dosigner can be assured that a new project or client is on the doorstep.

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Projects on permanent contract

Dosign contract a few engineers under permanent employment: the Dosign Consultants. These are highly qualified technical professionals with several years of experience within their field, whom we assign to projects run by our clients. Based on their permanent contract, they can be repeatedly assigned.

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You are seeking permanent employment with a renowned technical company? Dosign's so-called `detavast´ formula paves your way. We find a suitable employer and position for you. You work on a Dosign contract for a defined period of time, with an ensuing contract with the client, giving both you and the client time to consider permanent employment.

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Freelance projects

Ever more engineering professionals opt to go freelance. Dosign Freelance connects project companies and freelance expertise in engineering and construction management. Our services cater for the demands of both experienced professionals and starting freelancers. And our steadily evolving network of freelance engineers and project companies offers manifold opportunities on an international scale.

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