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Do you struggle to find the right engineer? Then consider professional staff from abroad. With Dosign International you task highly skilled engineers with ambition, gladly willing to work in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.. Our dedicated International Recruitment department offers al-inclusive services, ranging from the initial conference call at our office and the working permit procedure through to suitable accommodation for expats or even language courses.

Your benefits as our client

  • All-in services
  • Permanent or fixed-term staff
  • Optional language training
  • Fitting competencies guaranteed
  • Pre-assessed professional engineers
  • Flexible contract options
  • Attractive working terms
  • Dosign organise travel, accommodation and working permit

About Dosign International

Dosign International recruits international engineering professionals and assigns them to technical companies in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Our ambitious, highly qualified and skilled international engineers are assessed and assigned with due care by our dedicated International Recruitment department.

Seeking an international engineer with high qualification?

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Any questions? Call +32 [0] 3 292 91 00 for our Belgian head office in Antwerp or search `Dosign head offices´ for any nearby location.