Marlon Madsahri

After years of freelancing for various agencies, civil/structural designer Marlon Madsahri in 2009 found his permanent base at Dosign Antwerp. A friendly relationship evolved that continues to this day. And professionally? "Dosign know my ambitions and give me the opportunities to achieve these."

Marlon's passion for engineering began at the HTS, now The Hague University. "I did an internship with an engineering firm and was fascinated by the subject. Creative draughting combined with actual constructing very much appealed to me - and still does." After graduating Marlon entered the field of contractors, but two years later he returned to the drawing board. Through Dosign he went to work for an engineering firm in The Hague, where he was given a permanent contract.


Eventually, Marlon chose to work freelance for various agencies. The weakening economy and his moving to Antwerp brought about change in 2008. "A few months after I had finished yet another project for Dosign, a former Dosign employee called and told me about the new Dosign Antwerp office. That sounded interesting! I went for an interview and not long after Dosign assigned me to an engineering company in the same building. During that time I built an excellent rapport with the people at Dosign Antwerp. The rapport is still there."

Space for ambition

Marlon already carries out projects through Dosign since 2009. What makes him being so steady? "I know I can rely on Dosign. They pay weekly and thereby give me a continuous financial flow. If something is unclear, they take immediate action. And they know what my desires and ambitions are. For example, I aspire to a horizontal career, rather than a vertical one. At SWECO, the client where I'm working through Dosign, I get plenty of space for that."

Concrete and steel structures

Based at SWECO's, Marlon is involved in the expansion of Antwerp recycling company Umicore two days a week. He explains: "I am in charge of the concrete and steel constructing of one of the new buildings. In the expansion of the existing building, I work on the steel structure supporting the plants in a multidisciplinary team with the designer and specialists, including piping and HVAC."

Modelling in 3D

In this project, Marlon applies 3D programmes Autodesk Revit and Advance Steel. In NavisWorks, he compiles the models to a total model of the building, which allows virtual walking about and linking parameters. Marlon aspires to apply more programmes, such as Tekla, Revit Architecture and Inventor. "SWECO offers me those opportunities. I hope to be carrying out projects for a long time here."