“Dosign Freelance enables me to focus on my core tasks”

Ben Hoekstra

In 2014, BIM-designer Ben Hoekstra changed course. Formerly employed at a large installation firm for 15 years, he quit his job and started to work through Dosign Freelance. Supported by Dosign, Ben now is gven the leeway to focus on his core tasks.

“Joining Dosign felt like a natural choice”, Ben explains. “I had worked with Dosign before, and I quite enjoyed it then.” Initially, Ben worked on assignment basis. When his private situation changed, he decided to go freelance. “I’d talked to Mark ’t Hooft of Dosign Freelance in Rotterdam. He responded positively and outlined the support Dosign offer to freelancers in engineering. I felt encouraged to take the step and so I did.”

Accounting taken care of

Dosign Freelance takes care of the extra tasks freelancers have to put up with, particularly in administration and invoicing. Also payment itself is handled through Dosign. These services are proportionally charged at a low rate. Ben: “I am disburdened from consuming additional tasks, so I can focus on what I actually like to spend my time on: my job as a BIM-designer.”

Network benefits

His favourable experiences have prompted Ben to recommend Dosign Freelance to fellow freelancers. “I spread the word. In addition to their administrative support, Dosign can help us freelancers in other ways”, he says. “Their international network in engineering, built over the course of many years, is an asset in itself. It provides benefits in acquisition and helps me to stay up-to-date.”

The connecting element

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