Next LinkedIn milestone reached


A few years ago, Dosign started their activities on LinkedIn, providing engineering professionals with background info and nieuws on career options within the industries. Through LinkedIn we have been in contact with our followers from many countries within Europe, but also from India, the Middle East, the United States, among many other. Our international network of engineers has been growing steadily since.


Meanwhile we have reached the milestone of 20,000 followers. An achievement we are very happy with! We would therefore like to thank all our followers for their interest and input. We promise to do our best to keep engineers informed and inspire them in their technical careers.

Relevant content

We aim to provide our followers continually with content, which is geared towards your special interest, with news and information relevant to you! Are you active as a freelance engineer? Then you will find more detailed information on what is going on in the freelance sector. You are a student at the Technical University? Then we can offer you specialised side jobs. In this way we hope to be able to serve all 20,000 followers in their individual needs!

“German companies have confidence in me as a Dosigner"

Pursueing a career in Germany. Project engineer Hein Hendriksen fulfils his ambition with Dosign. “As a Dosigner, I offer something a 'normal' Dutch engineer hardly can draw on: the trust of - and therefore access to - German companies.

Hein's technical career started off in Doetinchem-NL. After graduating in mechanical engineering he went on to work at a machine manufaturer. First as assistant, later as project lead. Hein: “In the nineties, AutoCAD was on the rise. And it really intrigued me. I started to focus on designing and engineering. That's how I soon ended up in the drawing room.”

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“Talking with Dosign turned out to be a good decision“

After graduating in Sport Marketing & Management, Loek Visser joined Dosign in January 2017. Now, he is councelling students himself. As a consultant he is closely involved in the dual engineering traineeships.

At first, Loek was sceptical when Dosign called him on his CV. “My experiences with another staff agency were’nt particularly good," he says. Nevertheless, I did talk with Dosign. That turned out to be a good decision. After a number of pleasant conversations, I was offered a job as a consultant in the department Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation engineering.

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