“Talking with Dosign turned out to be a good decision“


After graduating in Sport Marketing & Management, Loek Visser joined Dosign in January 2017. Now, he is councelling students himself. As a consultant he is closely involved in the dual engineering traineeships.

At first, Loek was sceptical when Dosign called him on his CV. “My experiences with another staff agency were’nt particularly good," he says. Nevertheless, I did talk with Dosign. That turned out to be a good decision. After a number of pleasant conversations, I was offered a job as a consultant in the department Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation engineering.


Counselling first year students

From day one, Loek was involved in the dual engineering traineeships, the Dosign study-work programme in collaboration with the Dutch universities of applied sciences. “My task is to recruit, select and guide first-year students. This year, we've received about five hundred applications. Of these, we took in fifteen candidates. Our guidance includes monitoring progress and providing additional training. We also help each candidate with individual questions.

Promotion in schools

Loek got into it fast, learning by doing. Initially, he participated in talks with clients, gradually taking the lead. Now, he is conducting these conversations himself. He also performs application and evaluation interviews with candidates. In addition, he regularly presents the Dosign traineeships on open days at secondary schools and vocational colleges to make students enthusiastic about the dual track.

Space for initiative

Loek performs these presentations on his own initiative. And Dosign grant him plenty of leeway. “This is good. Moreover, Dosign provide a sound integration for new employees and support to Sales. I have also attended a technical course to acquire specialist knowledge.”

Contributing to success

“At Dosign, you're not alone ", Loek continues. “We address challenges together, as we share the success. I aim to further contribute to the success of the dual programme next year. Currently, I am focusing on finding quality candidates. Growth in the number of `dualers´ would be a good thing.”


“German companies have confidence in me as a Dosigner"

Pursueing a career in Germany. Project engineer Hein Hendriksen fulfils his ambition with Dosign. “As a Dosigner, I offer something a 'normal' Dutch engineer hardly can draw on: the trust of - and therefore access to - German companies.

Hein's technical career started off in Doetinchem-NL. After graduating in mechanical engineering he went on to work at a machine manufaturer. First as assistant, later as project lead. Hein: “In the nineties, AutoCAD was on the rise. And it really intrigued me. I started to focus on designing and engineering. That's how I soon ended up in the drawing room.”

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"The good salary is an additional asset"

Process engineer Fatih Yurtsever has been familiar with project work right fom the beginning of his career. He enjoys the freedom it allows. Moreover, a number of interesting aspects have been added since he entered contract with Dosign in 2014: a permanent employment relationship, a good salary and attractive working terms.

Fatih studied mechanical engineering in Delft and started his career as a graduate at an engineering firm. There, he gained work experience in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, among other places. "I did basic and detail engineering at various oil & gas projects," he says. "After two years abroad I returned home and started at Cerexagri, a producer of plant protection products for agriculture. I have been working there since 2013. First on assignment basis, since 2014 on a permanent contract with Dosign"

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